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Military Stories

  • The Things We Don't Say When They Come Home From War

    I was watching Saving Private Ryan when my phone rang. My brother, calling from Iraq. I hadn’t heard from him in around two weeks. He was “on a mission.” We talked for a while, pretended things were normal, when that got old we talked about his situation. Grim, he acknowledged. Not much more can be said, but grim. He missed his wife and kids. We missed him. He was back at his base, the plywood walls of his quarters welcome after two weeks on the road. Baghdad was especially disturbing he said. Two weeks through hell to transport water.


Police Stories

  • Guinea Pig

    I love the little furry creatures. My brother had a few when we were kids. But, to be a Guinea Pig, that’s not always the best gig in town; especially when you’re fresh out of the police academy.


EMS Stories

  • Respect My Authority!

    I’ve been writing some things for UniformStories for a few months now, and one of the unexpected benefits of contributing to the site is learning about the experiences of those wearing a different uniform than my own. We may wear different uniforms, but under that outer layer we are more alike than different, and protecting and serving the public is our primary objective. So, if we all have a taste of what the other person goes through during the course of a shift, why can’t some of us get along?


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