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Military Stories

  • 4 Heartwarming Moments of Patriotism for Independence Day

    As we get ready for a weekend of food, fun, and fireworks in celebration of America's independence, we at Uniform Stories would like to take a minute to share a few special videos that are guaranteed to make you swell with pride for the stars and stripes.


Police Stories

  • The Blog

    Six years ago, I did something that may well have saved my job. I started a blog. In 2008, I had been a motor officer for two years. You know who I dealt with over those two years? Assholes. At least that was my perspective at the time.


Fire Stories

  • Why I Stage

    This is an article for my friends in blue with the guns and batons and self defense training. It’s an article for those with tasers, beanbag guns and SWAT training (some of you). I want to address the sticky subject you seem to blame fire and EMS for bothering you with: Staging.


EMS Stories

  • Another day, another BIG announcement. We're very happy to announce that Justin Schorr, AKA "The Happy Medic" is joining the Uniform Stories team. Justin has been an important voice in the EMS community for many years.

    He specializes in QA/QI topics, EMS Administration and Operations as well as sharing media and emerging technologies in EMS. He also specializes in homebrewing, but that's a whole other topic. In this exclusive video, Justin talks about the birth of his online persona "The Happy Medic" and the emergence and importance of the EMS 2.0 movement.


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