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Military Stories

  • Suicide Prevention: "We're Never Relieved of Our Duty to One Another"

    A suicide epidemic is claiming 22 veterans per day in this country.  And strangely, many veterans find themselves ostracized and belittled for pursuing treatment for their psychological wounds. It is this lack of support and understanding from within the ranks that is driving some veterans towards the point of no return.

    As a veteran who attempted suicide in 2012, I know, once you cross your line of departure, there’s no stopping and you’ll do anything to accomplish your mission.


Police Stories

  • Uncontrollable Juvenile

    You may be saying to yourself, “Self, if a minor is out of control, there may very well be a need for law enforcement presence.” You would absolutely be correct; however, that is a rare circumstance given what the prevalent details behind this kind of call typically are. Don’t believe me?


Fire Stories

  • Why 20 Years May be Enough Firefighting for Me

    People who walked in my shoes fought for the 20-year pension deal, knowing from experience that 20 years in firefighter time is a long, long time. They knew, as only one who lived the life will ever know, that for some, 20 years is enough. They knew that at 45 or 50, starting a new career is not that easy, or starting a business when everybody else had a 20-year head start is challenging, to say the least.


EMS Stories

  • Respect My Authority!

    I’ve been writing some things for UniformStories for a few months now, and one of the unexpected benefits of contributing to the site is learning about the experiences of those wearing a different uniform than my own. We may wear different uniforms, but under that outer layer we are more alike than different, and protecting and serving the public is our primary objective. So, if we all have a taste of what the other person goes through during the course of a shift, why can’t some of us get along?