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Military Stories

  • 4 Heartwarming Moments of Patriotism for Independence Day

    As we get ready for a weekend of food, fun, and fireworks in celebration of America's independence, we at Uniform Stories would like to take a minute to share a few special videos that are guaranteed to make you swell with pride for the stars and stripes.


Police Stories

  • As summer approaches and that hot weather settles in, kids everywhere will be searching for ways to stay cool. Some might run to the beach, others might be lucky enough to have a pool (or a friend with a pool). Somewhere in Denmark, the kids in this video were cooling off by jumping off the local pier. Luckily, the police showed up and made sure to increase the level of awesome.


Fire Stories

  • Firefighter Arrested at Accident Scene

    Can't we all just get along? By now we've all seen the outrageous video from last week of a Chula Vista, CA firefighter cuffed and detained by a police officer while tending to a highway accident. But, what really happened?

    As firefighter Jacob Gregoire is being cuffed, the unnamed arresting officer can be heard saying "We asked you to clear the road, you said no, and you're being arrested for not moving it." An incredulous Gregoire was then detained (not arrested) in the back of the police cruiser for 30 minutes.


EMS Stories

  • This "crazy guy, celebrating as his house burns" video went viral a while back for its sheer head-scratching entertainment value. As a house burns in the background, a man looking like comedian Jim Brewer's long lost uncle is being transported via stretcher. At the end, as a paramedic approaches, the man gives him a deranged double take then salutes him with a double bird.


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