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Military Stories

  • The Triggers for PTSD in Civilian Life

    It took me four years to be able to drive over manhole covers, and I still feel a cold sweat every time I do. Once a manhole cover becomes a threat it is nearly impossible to decondition your brain from reacting.


Police Stories

  • Meet Motorcop. He's a police officer, a blogger, a husband, and a dad...and he's never off-duty. He's a police officer in the Great State of California and he's fortunate to be one of those assigned to two wheels. Six years ago he did something that may well have saved his job; he started a blog.


Fire Stories

  • Baby Dropped to Safety

    The Lawrenceburg, Tennessee Fire Department rescued five people from a burning apartment complex Wednesday morning, including three children. The fire started just after 2 a.m. at Oak Grove Apartments. When firefighters arrived flames were visible and they were told that residents were trapped in multiple units. Firefighters used ground ladders to get two people out. A second team moved up the stairs and saved three children, two of which were dropped from a balcony to police officers below.


EMS Stories

  • Right Here

    I swear a mist of blood hung in the air, filling my nostrils, entering my lungs and traveling through my bloodstream as I walked closer to the body, sheet in hand. In the distance, cars sped past, probably looked over the embankment and saw us, but had no idea how it felt to inch closer to the mangled corpse, stepping on parts of him, wondering where the head was, or if it even still existed.


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