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Military Stories

  • 10 Things My NCOs Told Me That I Can’t Forget

    Young soldiers in the Army are extremely impressionable. As the Drill Sergeant slowly paces the "kill zone" while the recruits grunt and struggle in the front lean and rest position, anything he says becomes gospel.

    Over the years, NCOs (non-commissioned officers) have uttered little sayings or missives that have been forever etched in my mind. Whether they are true or not is not clear. Either way, I cannot forget these little sayings, and as far as I am concerned, they are the absolute truth, simply because a good NCO told me it was so:


Police Stories

  • Dear America: Answer This One Question About the Ferguson Shooting

    Dear America,

    I come to you today with a question.  The question is about the officer involved shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. The question is simple, really: What if this was a justified shooting?


Fire Stories

  • Dolphin Trapped in Storm Drain

    While in our job as firefighters and emergency medical providers, we take every call for help seriously, on occasion we get calls that make us wonder just what were the people thinking, if they were, in fact, thinking at all. While we may question why it is we were called, it was apparently an emergency to the individual.


EMS Stories

  • EMTs Subdue Woman on Heavy Drugs

    Last week, footage surfaced of this disturbing scene from an unidentified neighborhood in New York City. This raw video, apparently taken by a bystander, documents NYFD and EMTs attempting to subdue and help a woman who is out of her mind on drugs. The poor woman, white-faced from possibly huffing paint, is seen shaking and having spastic fits. She doesn't seem aware of her surroundings as EMTs attempt to protect her from hurting herself.


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