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Military Stories

  • The Lone Marine Memorial Day Tribute

    There are many Memorial Day tribute videos out there, but our favorite has to be this one showing The Lone Marine, Staff Sergeant Tim Chambers, saluting the veterans who ride in the annual Rolling Thunder demonstration in Washington D.C. The ride, this weekend from the Pentagon to the Vietnam Vet Memorial, is in tribute to fallen comrades and those still listed as POW/MIA.


Police Stories

  • Rookie Patience - An Early Lesson

    When folks learn you were a police officer, there are always questions about what you saw and experienced. Working in the San Francisco bay area never lacked excitement. I remember a warm summer night in 1983. I just completed the FTO program and it was my second shift alone.


EMS Stories

  • Friday's Uniformed Hero: Shark Attack

    It was the stuff of nightmares, a reason why Jaws and Shark Week came into creation. 23-year-old Sean Pollard was out surfing at Kelpids Beach in Australia when he became the subject of a shark feeding frenzy.   


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