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Military: Popular This Month

  • I have always thought military holidays to be quite a fascinating ordeal. Some are celebratory, others are historical, and yet Memorial Day has really stood out on its own. Being a week out from Memorial Day, I thought I would take the time to offer you a little insight into the minds of veterans as this day approaches. I am…

Police: Popular This Month

  • There’s a reason my husband is an officer and I am not. I’m a relatively good person, but he’s better than me. He became an officer for all the right reasons. He was that little boy who never knew his daddy. He watched his mother struggle to make ends meet. He easily could have chosen a path less honorable, but…

Fire & EMS: Popular This Month

  • EMS providers are a unique group of people. We work different hours than most, we see things that most will never see, and yes, we complain about things that most could never dream of complaining about. Some say the art of complaining can be traced back to some time around the birth of the EMS model that we know today.…

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