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Military Stories

  • The Power of Music

    This beautiful little video profiles Jack Leroy Tueller, a 90 year-old WWII veteran, who recounts a remarkable experience he had on a dark, rainy, muddy night during WWII. His P-47 fighter group had caught up with a retreating German Panzer division, and had managed to slowly pick off a group of snipers. By nightfall, a lone German sniper remained. Tueller, a passionate trumpet player, was told not to play that night, for fear that the sniper might fire.


Police Stories

  • The Screams

    There are certain things that stay with you in this job. The memories you couldn't cleanse yourself of if you tried. There are the screams.


Fire Stories

  • The Emotional Toll of Firefighting

    Michael Morse, formerly of the Providence, R.I. Fire Department, recounts a horrific fire call with infant fatalities from early in his career.


EMS Stories

  • Freeze Frame

    You are being filmed. Even right now reading this on your phone in the front seat of the ambulance you are likely being filmed. The Happy Medic chimes in on the irresponsible reporting by Fox 2 WJBK in Detroit.