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Military Stories

  • The Power of Music

    This beautiful little video profiles Jack Leroy Tueller, a 90 year-old WWII veteran, who recounts a remarkable experience he had on a dark, rainy, muddy night during WWII. His P-47 fighter group had caught up with a retreating German Panzer division, and had managed to slowly pick off a group of snipers. By nightfall, a lone German sniper remained. Tueller, a passionate trumpet player, was told not to play that night, for fear that the sniper might fire.


Police Stories

  • The Militarization of the American Police Department

    Did that title catch your attention? Yeah, it’s a buzzword sentence. Militarization and police department in the same sentence raises the cackles of some Americans. If it were true, it would likely give me some heartache too. The thing is…it is not true, no matter how those who become irate about it attempt to spin it.


Fire Stories

  • Ohio firefighter Justin Deierling pulled off an epic engagement surprise last week when he popped the question to his girlfriend, Megan Zahorec, in front of an entire school of students.


EMS Stories

  • EMT in Training Facing Felony for Pocketknife

    Meet 18-year-old Jordan Wiser, an EMT in training, who is counting down the days until he enters the Army in August. For his entire life he's charted a course towards becoming a public servant, the only question being whether he's going to become a police officer or firefighter after his stint in the Army. Now, facing a possible felony for having a pocketknife (in his EMT medical vest) in his car at school, he is in the midst of a battle that could change his life forever.


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