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Military Stories

  • Friday's Uniformed Hero: Rescue from Alligator-Infested Waters

    On Sept. 16, 2014, Pfc. Nathan Currie chose a new destination for fishing— a large pond located in Fort Stewart, GA, known as Holbrook Pond. It was also known as the home to an abundance of alligators and snakes. But that didn't bother him. 


Police Stories

  • Crazy Taser Encounter at Phoenix Diner

    A video has been released, capturing the violent struggle between police and a man who was terrorizing the employees of a Phoenix diner on Sunday night. Officers were called to the Freddy's Frozen Custard & Steakburgers restaurant late Sunday night when employees reported that a man, 38-year-old Edward Michael Caruth, was acting strangely. Things escalated when he locked himself in the bathroom, turning on the faucets and flooded it out.


Fire Stories

  • Learning from Failure

    $255 was a lot to spend for a kid making $4.35 an hour.  Most of my paychecks didn’t even have a comma. But I had saved up for months and there I was at the airline counter buying a round trip ticket to Seattle, Washington.

    The Seattle Fire Department was having an entrance exam and I wanted to get a job in the Pacific Northwest.  I love the rain, the fog, the green. Everything about Seattle was calling my name.


EMS Stories

  • This "crazy guy, celebrating as his house burns" video went viral a while back for its sheer head-scratching entertainment value. As a house burns in the background, a man looking like comedian Jim Brewer's long lost uncle is being transported via stretcher. At the end, as a paramedic approaches, the man gives him a deranged double take then salutes him with a double bird.


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