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Military Stories

  • 4 Heartwarming Moments of Patriotism for Independence Day

    As we get ready for a weekend of food, fun, and fireworks in celebration of America's independence, we at Uniform Stories would like to take a minute to share a few special videos that are guaranteed to make you swell with pride for the stars and stripes.


Police Stories

  • Friday's Uniformed Hero: Rescuing the Rescuer

    A flash flood had put the town of Rollingwood, Texas in a state of emergency in the early morning hours of September 18th, as heavy waters swept away everything in its path. Officer Josh Odom was putting up barricades along a low water crossing when a woman in a volvo hit the water and swerved into the creek. Immediately Officer Odom followed after her, only to find himself in need of a rescue.



EMS Stories

  • Uniform Stories Welcomes Michael Morse

    We are thrilled to announce the addition of featured blogger, Michael Morse to our Uniform Stories team. Michael is a recently retired firefighter and paramedic as well as a prolific writer with two published books to his credit. Drawing from his 23 year career with the Providence Fire and Rescue Department, Michael will be sharing his stories, insights, and perspectives with us on a regular basis.


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