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Military Stories

  • The Power of Music

    This beautiful little video profiles Jack Leroy Tueller, a 90 year-old WWII veteran, who recounts a remarkable experience he had on a dark, rainy, muddy night during WWII. His P-47 fighter group had caught up with a retreating German Panzer division, and had managed to slowly pick off a group of snipers. By nightfall, a lone German sniper remained. Tueller, a passionate trumpet player, was told not to play that night, for fear that the sniper might fire.


Police Stories

  • What's it Really Like Being a Cop?

    Boston PD Sergeant Joseph Horton has been on the job for 28 years. While he's witnessed his fair share of wild incidents, police work is not always as dramatic as it appears on "Cops". Even working in the city of Boston, the crazy chases and shootouts are, luckily, few and far between.


EMS Stories

  • Off-Duty EMTs Save Brooklyn Cop

    Off-duty NYC EMT Khadijah Hall and her partner Shaun Alexander were pulling out of White Castle yesterday afternoon when they heard gun shots. “I heard two shots and turned to my right and saw a gentleman running down the block,” said Hall, a 22 year veteran.“And behind him shortly thereafter I saw an officer taking shots at him. About 10 seconds later the officer went down. My friend Shaun said ‘I can’t believe this! You got any gloves?’ It was like cops and robbers!”


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