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Military Stories

  • Vets Fight For Military Suicide Prevention

    Within the past three months, 1892 U.S. veterans have committed suicide. That averages out to 22 suicides per day. It's a staggering number and it begs the question: What are we doing to prevent this epidemic?


Police Stories

  • You Have the Right to Remain Recorded

    You know what I will never understand? Why cops get all bent when they are recorded. Guess what, pal? This is the 21st century. Go ahead and make yourself one with the fact that you will be recorded. It’ll make things easier, I assure you.


Fire Stories

  • Amazing Water Tanker Re-Filling

    As of this morning, The Colby Fire in Southern California has scorched nearly 2000 acres, necessitated the evacuation of approximately 2000 homes, and has needed more than 1100 personnel to combat the blaze. Along with hand crews, fire engines, and bulldozers, there has also been an ongoing aerial attack.


EMS Stories

  • This "crazy guy, celebrating as his house burns" video went viral a while back for its sheer head-scratching entertainment value. As a house burns in the background, a man looking like comedian Jim Brewer's long lost uncle is being transported via stretcher. At the end, as a paramedic approaches, the man gives him a deranged double take then salutes him with a double bird.


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