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Military Stories

  • The Best Military Tattoos of Instagram

    Tattoos have a long, colorful history in the military. It is said that in the early 1900s many Navy sailors returned home from their far-away travels sporting souvenir tattoos, thus introducing ink body art into pop culture. Despite the current military policies in place to restrict the location, size, and subject of tattoos, military service and tattoos still go hand-in-hand.

    So, which branch has bragging rights for the best tattoo art? You be the judge. Here's a collection of some of the best found over on Instagram.


Police Stories

  • What's it Really Like Being a Cop?

    Boston PD Sergeant Joseph Horton has been on the job for 28 years. While he's witnessed his fair share of wild incidents, police work is not always as dramatic as it appears on "Cops". Even working in the city of Boston, the crazy chases and shootouts are, luckily, few and far between.


Fire Stories

  • Amazing Water Tanker Re-Filling

    As of this morning, The Colby Fire in Southern California has scorched nearly 2000 acres, necessitated the evacuation of approximately 2000 homes, and has needed more than 1100 personnel to combat the blaze. Along with hand crews, fire engines, and bulldozers, there has also been an ongoing aerial attack.


EMS Stories

  • Dramatic Rescue of Boy from Oso Mudslide

    Dramatic footage emerges of a 4 year old boy being rescued at the site of the Oso, WA mudslide. Great job to Snohomish County Helicopter Rescue Team, a dedicated group of volunteer paramedics and mountain rescue technicians.


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