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Military Stories

  • Friday's Uniformed Hero: Upskirt Patrol

    A soldier and his friend were out enjoying the festivities of a soap box derby race in Seattle when they noticed someone doing a despicable act. A man was recording an iPhone video up a little girl's skirt. 


Police Stories

  • Police Community Programs

    “Community Policing” is a concept that has been around for quite sometime. In the history of this great profession, police officers have spent lots of time interacting with the public they serve. A big push in the 1980s and 1990s even involved hiring and funding new officers for community related programs. It seems that community policing was the flavor of the day for elected politicians and the money poured in. While most police chiefs do not refuse funding from the federal government, it is certainly not the catalyst to make nice with the public. We are and should be doing that anyway.


EMS Stories

  • Uniform Stories Welcomes Sean Eddy

    We are happy to announce that Sean Eddy of MedicMadness.com is joining the UniformStories family! 

    Sean is a paramedic at a rural ambulance service in Northern Texas. He is smart, insightful, and he's passionate about the world of EMS. Paramedic, writer, musician. He's a man of multiple talents — and as you'll see in his HILARIOUS intro video — multiple personalities.


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