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Military Stories

  • Navy Fighter Pilots Create Awesome Video

    The U.S. Naval unit Strike Fighter Squadron 27, aka the "Royal Maces", has a very important mission. They need to be prepared to conduct sustained combat operations from the sea on short notice, supporting national policy across the Asia-Pacific region. If you're wondering what that actually looks like, you're in luck.


Police Stories

  • Ask Motorcop

    Admit it. You have questions about police work in general, traffic laws, and/or how to conduct yourself when interacting with the police.  Some of you have questions about how I get my hair to look the way it does. I get it. 

    Enter "Ask Motorcop"


EMS Stories

  • "My Daddy Shot Me"

    In this Uniform Stories Exclusive video story, Jack recalls one day that has left a heavy imprint on his mind.


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