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Military Stories

  • The Last Witness to WWI

    Three years ago this weekend, a chapter of our history came to a close as the last United States veteran of World War I passed away at the age of 110.

    Frank Woodruff Buckles was born Feb. 1, 1901, on a farm near Bethany, Mo. At the age of 16 when the United States entered World War I, he tried to enlist in the Marine Corps. The Marines turned him down as under-age and under the required weight. The Navy did not want him either, saying he had flat feet. But after he lied about his age and volunteered to be an ambulance driver, the Army took him in August 1917. He had been told that this highly-critical job guaranteed him the quickest path to service in France.


Police Stories

  • Video Spotlight: Redneck vs. Cop

    We are bringing you deep into the backwoods of America. And who do we find there but a guy on a tractor, hauling a bunch of kegs on top of a couch (because the kegs alone weren't ridiculous enough).


Fire Stories

  • An Icy Dog Rescue in Boston

    Yesterday afternoon Wellesley, MA Police received a frantic 911 call from a dog owner. Their Golden Retriever, Crosby, had wandered off at the Elm Bank Reservation and fallen through the thin ice of the Charles River. Wellesley Police 911 dispatchers were able to pinpoint the dog owner's exact location at the reservation, via her cell phone. The closest road to her location was Winding River Road. This information was absolutely critical in quickly directing first responders to the area. Wellesley Police and firefighters were soon able to locate the tired dog, treading water about 50 yards off shore in the Charles River.


EMS Stories

  • Dramatic Rescue of Boy from Oso Mudslide

    Dramatic footage emerges of a 4 year old boy being rescued at the site of the Oso, WA mudslide. Great job to Snohomish County Helicopter Rescue Team, a dedicated group of volunteer paramedics and mountain rescue technicians.


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