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Military Stories

  • Uniform Stories Welcomes Thomas James Brennan!

    We are thrilled to welcome Thomas James Brennan to the UniformStories family. Brennan is a Marine Corps veteran and Purple Heart recipient of both Iraq and Afghanistan. He was medically retired on December 30, 2012 for post-traumatic stress and multiple traumatic brain injuries.


Police Stories

  • 6 Dancing Cops & 1 Dancing Drunk in 60 Seconds

    Law Enforcement can be an incredibly intense and stressful profession. Our men and women in blue must be ready for anything at a moment’s notice and it’s not often that they allow themselves to drop their guard. But when they do, it’s oh-so-awesome. 


Fire Stories

  • The Ridiculous Things I've Seen Burn

    I was lying on my couch, trying to take a nap after being up all night at a fire, and got to thinking of some of the burnt things I have seen in my life. I have seen some things burn that have got me wondering: Just what were the individuals thinking in the moments leading up to that event?


EMS Stories

  • Meet Mr. 911 for the World

    "Everybody remembers the guy they brought back from the dead...The hug you get from their mom because you saved their life. But, I hate to admit it...What haunts me more, what drives me more is the ones you don't win." Meet Rahul Singhr, Toronto paramedic and Founder of GlobalMedic, an organization whose purpose is to put emergency responders into emergency situations, all around the globe. The organization is comprised of police officers, firefighters and paramedics. These men and women deal with stressful 911 calls on a daily basis, and then they volunteer to help with emergency and disaster situations across the globe.


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